Howard Public School

School Yard Revitalization Project

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Our History & Our Future

1874 – Howard Public School began as a small country school in the district of Brockton on what is now Boustead Avenue

1908 – New four-room school was opened on Howard Park Avenue

1970 – New “open concept” school formally opens

2021 – We have a unique opportunity to transform Howard’s social infrastructure, making our outdoor field and playground into a safe, inclusive and positive space. For our children, our neighbour’s children, and the community at large. 

Next Steps

  • Howard is seizing on a generational opportunity to build better social infrastructure for our children and those to come
  • Experts agree that playgrounds are a vital component of the school experience. Positive outdoor spaces improve student engagement and social development
  • Howard has overwhelming support from school administration, teachers and the  TDSB to embark on this special project

Get Involved!

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